Slew drives

Slew drives are used in applications that make rotating movements (slewing). Slew drives, also referred to as slewing gear, is a complete ready to install system that consist of a ball or roller slewing ring bearing, drive train and completely enclosed housing. They can be customized with hydraulic or electric motors, brakes, planetary gearboxes and many other options. Are you looking for an affordable high-quality slew drive? RR Holland has a technical product for each situation. Thanks to our extensive resources, we have developed broad knowledge in the field of planetary reduction and are happy to help you find the product you are looking for. Check out our extensive Reggiana Riduttori product page for more information.

Applications for slew drives

Slewing gear is essential for various situations and industrial machines. Some common applications are:

  • Industrial machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Large winches
  • Factory installations
  • Industrial cranes

Extensive range of slew drives

Our series of slewing drives offer 13 different sizes with torques between 1,200 Nm and 230,000 Nm. The reinforced output side, as well as the compact dimensions of this series, ensure good reliability at high radial forces. All sizes are available in integral pinion or loose pinion version. All cabinets can also be equipped with a wide range of components and brakes. This ensures that you will always find suitable slewing gear at RR Holland.

RR 1800 17000 ÷ 27000 4000025 ÷ 307 12 ÷ 16
RR 2500 20000 ÷ 34000 7000030 ÷ 351 16 ÷ 18
RR 3200 25000 ÷ 44000 8000032 ÷ 286 16 ÷ 18
RR 4000 35000 ÷ 59000 10000029 ÷ 272 16 ÷ 22
RR 5200 46000 ÷ 76000 12000030 ÷ 257 16 ÷ 22
RR 6500 65000 ÷ 100000 16000065 ÷ 294 18 ÷ 24
RR 8000 64000 ÷ 112000 20000067 ÷ 242 20 ÷ 24
RR 10000 89000 ÷ 143000 23000067 ÷ 229 20 ÷ 24

Certified slew drives

RR Holland only works with certified products. This is why we can guarantee that all of our products, including our offer of slewing drives, are of the highest quality. Certifications from the leading bodies are available upon request. All our products comply with the laws and regulations of the Netherlands and Europe. In addition, we offer a full service where we can supply, assemble and maintain all products ourselves.

Contact RR Holland

Would you like to receive more information about slewing gear from RR Holland? You can easily contact us via the contact form. You can also contact us directly by telephone on +31(0)162 45 63 97 or by emailing We have many products in stock in our warehouse and can therefore provide you of the right products whenever you need them. This way your new products can be up and running in your machine in a short amount of time.

Slewing gear for rotating swivel movements

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