The complete package

RR Holland has lots of experience with the complete package for drive technology. We try to unburden our customer and deliver a complete package, based on our customers wishes.

In combination with our RR products we can assemble our gearboxes with hydraulic or electrical motors, valves, pipework, oil hoses and tanks, oil filling, coatings and lots more.

For the maritime & offshore sector we can also deliver special coatings in combination with stainless steel plugs and screws. Also special capstan housings are possible.

Next to our products we are proud to tell that we are able to deliver various certificates on our gearboxes, including ATEX and DNV Type Approval Certificate (DNVGL-ST-0378 / DNVGL-OS-E101 / IMO SOLAS 1974).

If you have special enquiries or just want to know what we have to offer for your company, please contact

1. Oil expansion tank
2. Hose
3. Pipework
4. Valve block
5. Hydraulic motor
6. Angular planetary gearbox
7. Oil filled
8. Linear planetary gearbox
9. Shrink disc
10. Torque arm
11. Hydraulic motor

12. Capstan housing
13. Maritime/ Offshore coating
14. Speedi Sleeve
15. Stainless steel plugs and screws

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Agriculture & Forestry

Reggiana Riduttori’s gearboxes are the result of the company’s long engineering experience in the agricultural sector. Designed to be sturdy and easily installed on mixer wagons, self-propelled machines



Reggiana Riduttori offers complete power transmission solutions in material recycling and wastewater plants, thus contributing to environmental sustainability through its many years of engineering experience.


Mining Industry

Reggiana Riduttori’s extensive experience in engineering, combined with continuous attention to the latest innovations, widens the range of solutions for the mining industry.


Marine & Offshore

Reggiana Riduttori is positioned as a global leader in the design and manufacture of power transmissions suited to the needs of the marine and offshore industries.


Aerial work platforms

Reggiana Riduttori, with half a century of engineering experience, is one of the leading global manufacturers of power transmissions for the mobile industry.


Sugar Industry

Reggiana Riduttori is a leading designer and manufacturer of gearboxes for the sugar production industry.

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