Gearbox brake

Extra Security

Are you looking for a suitable gearbox brake? RR Holland offers exactly what you need. A gearbox brake is equipped with slats. By means of hydraulic pressure, the spring-loaded pressure on the brake plates is reduced and the brake is released. Our range of brakes is an extremely suitable static brake that guarantees safety, because as soon as the pressure is eliminated, an inhibitory effect occurs. The brake range is certified with DNV type approval.


RR Holland is part of Reggiana Riduttori  S.R.L. Italy, a globally renowned manufacturer of  planetary gearboxes. Because we are part of Reggiana Riduttori, we have a modular stock system. This offers benefits for all our customers. Components like the gearbox brake are always in stock and we can react quickly to your request. We can ensure quick delivery times and of course we are available at all times for questions or support in the purchase of your component.

Do you need help with purchase?

At RR Holland the gearbox brake is available in different types. You can assemble the brake on a gearbox or directly on a hydraulic motor. By using the table above you can find the model you are looking for. On request, the certified brakes are also available with a backstop device. Do you have any questions about which brake you exactly need? Please feel free to contact us. Our technical specialists are eager to help you!

RF2/ DG-RF/288 60 ÷ 600
DG-RF/289 60 ÷ 600
DG-RF/290 60 ÷ 600
RF5/ DG-RF/313 180 ÷ 1360
DG-RF/314 180 ÷ 1360
DG-RF/315 180 ÷ 1360
DG-RF/316 180 ÷ 1360
DG-RF/392 180 ÷ 1360
DG-RF/396 180 ÷ 1360
Gearbox brake equipped with slats
You can assemble the gearbox brake on a gearbox or directly on a hydraulic motor

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