Plus Series – Planetary gearbox

A planetary gearbox is a gearbox where the input- and output axes are in one line. The planetary mechanism can be used as a drive, but also as a reduction gear. With the extensive Plus series, Reggiana Riduttori provides a planetary gearbox for transmissions, both for drive and reduction delays.

Innovative and excellent performance

The Plus series of Reggiana Riduttori represents a true revolution in planetary transmissions. There are 18 different building sizes, ranging from 25.000 Nm to 2.400.000 Nm. A planetary gearbox from RR Holland is the result of extensive research which offers maximum performance, compactness and a very good value for money.

Planetary drive or planetary gear reduction

The products from the Plus series are suitable as planetary gear reduction or as planetary drive in various sectors, but are mainly used in mines, marine and industrial sectors. At Reggiana Riduttori, you will always find the right gearbox for your application. Check out the various models of the Plus series below, including their specifications.

 Contact us

Are you interested in the planetary transmissions from RR Holland? Or have you got any questions about the planetary drive or gear reduction? You can contact us via + 31 (0) 162 45 63 97 or by sending an email to Our staff is eager to offer professional advice, in order to help you find a planetary gearbox suitable for your application.

RR 2500 25000370004 ÷ 2495.56
RR 3200 33000580004 ÷ 2005.23
RR 4000 40000750004.17 ÷ 1910.05
RR 5200 52000920004.17 ÷ 1803.20
RR 6500 68000125004.17 ÷ 2064.71
RR 8000 800001600004.17 ÷ 1695.65
RR 10000 1000001900004.17 ÷ 1600.80
RR 15000 1500002750004.17 ÷ 1511.25
RR 20000 2100003950004.17 ÷ 1730.42
RR 25000 2800005800004.17 ÷ 1341.62
RR 40000 4200007900004.17 ÷ 1266.57
RR 55000 5600009500004.17 ÷ 1180.44
Planetary gear reduction
Planetary transmissions series 2000
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