Planetary winch drive

The planetary winch drive is designed to create a compact and flexible product that can resist heavy loads. This planetary gear unit is easy to maintain, even when it is built into the drum. All connections are located on the engine side. A planetary drive from RR Holland is a guaranteed durable product that can meet high torque peaks. The winch drives can be equipped with brakes and custom-made accessories to perfectly fit your system!

Planetary gear unit

At RR Holland you will find an extensive range of planetary gearboxes and units of the highest quality. If you are looking for a planetary winch drive that can accommodate high torque peaks, RR Holland is your partner. In addition to planetary gearboxes, we offer other products such as Danfoss hydraulic motors and the Reggiana planetary gearbox 2000 series.

RR 3200 W3 390007200065 ÷ 189 410
RR 5200 W3 6100010500070 ÷ 176 470
RR 6500 W3 78000 14000062 ÷ 185 550
RR 10000 W3 11600019000064 ÷ 147 580
RR 15000 W3 16900030000064 ÷ 147 645
RR 20000 W4 234000400000258 ÷ 1180 750
RR 25000 W4 316000600000267 ÷ 915 850
RR 40000 W4 460000800000267 ÷ 864 910
RR 55000 W4 6600001100000274 ÷ 805 1020
Winch driver that can meet high torque peaks
Winch driver planetary gear unit
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