Wheel and track drive

Strong and compact

The RRWD planetary wheel drive and the RRTD planetary track drive are high-quality drives. For both the planetary wheel drive and the track drive we have a wide range of options. You can find more information about both the RRWD and the RRTD below.

Planetary wheel drive RRWD

Our RRWD planetary wheel drive from Reggiana Riduttori  is made of alloy steel for delivering maximum performance. For almost every application we have a wheeldrive that fits. We have different sizes suitable for high torque, axial and radial load. See the table below to find the model you are looking for.

ModelT2max (Nm)T2MAX (NM) RATIO
RRWD 200 90020006.09
RRWD 270 151025005.78
RRWD 300 130030005.27
RRWD 500D-10” 2500450015.00 ÷ 29.38
RRWD 500D-12” 2500550015.00 ÷ 29.38
RRWD 600D 3400700017.20 ÷ 56.20
RRWD 800D 43001000022.14 ÷ 53.00
RRWD 1700T 110001700064.35 ÷ 179.44

Track drive RRTD

Our RRTD track drive is made from alloy steel for providing maximum performance. All different sizes are compact, suitable for high torque and axial and radial load. We have a wide range of options for both hydraulic and electric drives. See the table below to find the model you are looking for.

RRTD 100 60010005.54
RRTD 300 190030006.09
RRTD 800D 43001000022.14 ÷ 53.00
RRTD 1000D 49001000023.72 ÷ 39.97
RRTD 1700T 110001700064.35 ÷ 179.44
RRTD 1701T 953017000 77.95 ÷ 170.24
RRTD 2400T 170002400063.00 ÷ 139.00
RRTD 3600T 249003600067.36 ÷ 161.00
RRTD 5000T 292005000073.85 ÷ 146.39

Reggiana Riduttori

The RRWD planetary wheel drives and RRTD planetary track drives are from Reggiana Riduttori, a global Italian manufacturer of planetary gearboxes. RR Holland is part of this, which offers great benefits. We can build parts and even total packages, and deliver in a very short time with good value for money.

Buy wheel and track drive

At RR Holland the planetary wheel drive and planetary track drive are available in different models and sizes. Do you have any doubts about the implementation exactly you need, or do you have another question? We are available at all times for questions or support. That’s part of our service! Please feel free to contact us using the contact form below.

Planetary wheel drive
Planetary wheel drive
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