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Many means of transport and equipment have one thing in common: often a planetary gearbox constitutes the basis of the drive. A planetary gearbox is a gear system where input and output shafts are aligned and thus ensure their drive. The Reggiana planetary gearbox 2000 series consists of linear and bevel variants, which offer excellent modularity and flexibility. The multitude of ratio combinations and the output configurations for ten different gear sizes and five bevel stages make this range perfect for all kinds of circumstances where compactness, long life, ease of installation and quick delivery times are required. All Reggiana Riduttori gearboxes are high quality and can be assembled completely according to your wishes. Based on your wishes, RR Holland delivers a gearbox that is suitable for your application.

RR 65 6801200 3.51 ÷ 239.48
RR 105 85018003.21 ÷ 305.23
RR 110 100020003.31 ÷ 295.98
RR 210 16502500 (M../ FS) – 3300 (S..) 3.31 ÷ 1938.54
RR 310 26005500 (M../ FS) – 6500 (S..) 3.40 ÷ 2136.64
RR 510 48007000 (M../ FS) – 7500 (S..) 3.40 ÷ 2190.89
RR 710 53008500 (M../ FS) – 9300 (S..) 4.00 ÷ 1956.15
RR 810 8500145003.92 ÷ 2691.66
RR 1010 13500175004.00 ÷ 2469.60
RR 1700 18100265003.90 ÷ 2212.06

Excellent service

RR Holland has a modular storage system for planetary gearboxes. With various types in stock, we are always able to deliver quickly and meet your demand by offering a gearbox which matches your needs. Are you looking for another type of planetary gearbox or combined gear units? We are eager to offer you the best advice in order to find a Reggiana Riduttori planetary gearbox that fits your needs. Our support is part of our service.

Order your planetary gear at RR Holland

The planetary gears of the series 2000 have an excellent price-quality ratio, are easy to install and have a fast delivery time. Have you got any questions? Please contact our customer support.

Reggiana Riduttori planetary gearbox
Series 2000 planetary drive
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